Children's Book Author

My Zoo

For my next birthday, I will get
A very different sort of pet.
No parakeets or bounding dogs,
No comfy cats or jumping frogs,
Something special, weird, exotic,
Something marsupial, amphibious, aquatic.
To make my penguins cool and nice
I’ll fill the upstairs bath with ice.
To tickle my giraffe’s sweet tooth
I’ll put some candy on the roof.
My father says “It’s preposterous,
Taming a rhinoceros!”
Or simmering up a bamboo broth
To satisfy my three toed sloth.
My little sister has turned down flat
Sharing her room with a vampire bat.
My mother resisted my urgent appeals
To include the anteater at family meals.
My family’s far too sound and sedate
To cavort with crocodiles on a play date.
But imagine me, imagine you
Spending days of delight in my personal zoo.