Children's Book Author

Dogs & Cats

If you are ever in trouble, remember that
You can never completely count on a cat.
In the dead of winter when you’re caught in the storm,
A cat will stay home to keep itself warm.
A dog is trained to rescue and succor.
He’ll drag you to safety. You’ll be home for supper.
If you’re hunting a dog will bag you a grouse,
A cat will contribute a plump little mouse.
A dog will capture a thief in its jaws,
A cat will curl up and tidy her paws.
If you want a companion that has the ingredients
Of loyalty, playfulness, love and obedience,
A dog is your answer. But if you prefer
A creature who weighs down your lap with a purr,
Refuses to fetch and greets you with that
Studied indifference, then you want a cat.